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The Tofino-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce exists to strengthen and grow your business, and to contribute to a positive business climate and community in Tofino.

We are committed to increasing your business’ profile, connections and capabilities, and to save you money through Chamber discounts. 

If you operate a tourism-related business, one that sells products or experiences to visitors, you can also receive a membership from Tourism Tofino. Through this membership your business will be linked directly to travel enquiries generated through it’s marketing and visitor services activities.

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The Chamber helps build a positive business climate and community

·      The Chamber represents your business at all levels of government, creating opportunities to
       work together for positive change.
·      We work to support job creation, employee attraction and retention, business growth and
       retention, and local economic diversification.
·      The Chamber spearheads the free Tofino Ambassador Program, a program aimed at training
       front-line service staff.
·      A complimentary membership to BC Chamber of Commerce.
·      Use the electronic Chamber decal to display on your website to let your customers know your
       business is part of the Chamber network (consumers are 29% more likely to think favourably of
       your business if you’re a member, and 63% more likely to purchase from you when the time
·      The Chamber organizes community events in Tofino, such as Jingle into Christmas and All
       Candidates meetings.
·      By supporting the Chamber, you are helping us advance many community initiatives, including
       attainable housing, liquid waste treatment, business walks, economic development,
       transportation, higher education, community to community relationships, and more.
       Your Chamber membership supports a healthy local economy.
·      We keep you updated on business issues, including legislative updates.
·      Tourism Tofino creates destination brand awareness and offers regional marketing



From a research study conducted by The Shapiro Group, which found that consumer perceptions of businesses involved with local chambers to be very positive:

  • Consumers are more likely to view businesses involved with the local Chamber as more reputable, caring about customers more, trustworthy, more involved in the community and successful.

  • 59% of most consumers think that being active in the local chamber is an effective business strategy.

  • Impact of a local chamber membership on small business is more consistent and more powerful than for large national companies.

  • Small business with local chamber membership have a 44% increase in consumer favorability ratings, 51% increase in consumer awareness, 57% increase in local reputation, and a 63% increase in the likelihood that consumers will return in the future.